Gokhan Derala

Software Developer

E-mail gderala@gmail.com
Website gokhanderala.com
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2022(January) - nowTaksitmarket , Istanbul Cepfix’s child company, Ecommerce Platform to buy with bank loan.
Software Developer

2020(September) - nowCepfix , Istanbul
Company that provides mobile phone repair by authorized third parties or on-site repair
Software Developer

2020(September) - now Flickapp , Kuwait Flick offers delivery services to organizations, brands, and restaurants for customer or internal delivery. Flick’s platform allows businesses to handle their own delivery services or use Flick’s delivery services and follow up.
Software Developer

2020(March) - 2021(November) Mawlin Gmbh , Istanbul / Turkey Mawlin is a company that provides e-commerce solutions to help manufacturers expand on new locations and marketplaces. Services include providing managed services for marketing, reporting and inventory management. Software Developer

2016(April) - 2020(March) YOYO Car Sharing LLC , Istanbul / Turkey a widely online used car rental service. Software Developer

2014(Mar) - 2015(Mar) Adphorus / Publik, Istanbul / Turkey Finance Manager

2005(Sep) - 2014(Feb) Ay-Tek(Oman) Consrtruction L.L.C / Muscat, Oman Finance Manager

Projects & Code Examples

gh-pages, Jekyl, Ruby, Travic CI : https://github.com/deralation/deralation.github.io

JavaScript, jQuery, HTML : https://github.com/deralation/ottolock

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, jQuery :

Docker : https://github.com/deralation/ottolock


2015(Sep)-2015(Dec) Le Wagon FullStack Development Bootcamp / Brussels, Belgium

2005 - 2009 Canakkale 18 March University / Public Finance